HealthKey Patient Portal

Welcome to HealthKey Patient Portal, your medical home on the web. With HealthKey Patient Portal, you can connect with your doctor through a secure, safe, and convenient environment. HealthKey allows you to play an active role in your plan to stay healthy; you are the key to taking care of yourself.

What is HealthKey Patient Portal?
HealthKey is a patient portal service that eliminates time-consuming phone calls and allows you, the patient, on-line access to your doctor’s office.

What are the benefits of HealthKey Patient Portal?
HealthKey Patient Portal allows you to access a wealth of general health information online, view new messages from BVCHC or take advantage of these many powerful benefits:

  • Access and request personal or general information
  • Receive and review lab results
  • Communicate directly with your doctor

How do I enroll in HealthKey Patient Portal?
Enrolling is easy; simply ask a staff member during your next appointment at Blackstone Valley Community Health Care or call 401-312-9869 to become a part of HealthKey Patient Portal!

Click here to login to HealthKey Patient Portal.