HealthKey HIE

What is a Health Information Exchange (HIE)?
An HIE is a secure electronic network that allows medical professionals to access their patients’ most up-to-date health information so their patients can get the best possible health care.

What is HealthKey HIE?
HealthKey HIE is Blackstone Valley Community Health Care’s HIE. Because it’s integrated with our EHR, our providers will automatically have access to your most up-to-date information. HealthKey HIE also provides information about your health care in order to facilitate referrals and lab orders. It offers your providers more complete information about your health by sharing data with your provider when you receive care outside of your medical home, such as at the hospital or a specialist.

How can I enroll?
You can enroll in HealthKey HIE by filling out a “Participation in HealthKey Health Information Exchange” form (available at the front desk).

Who has access to my health information if I decide to enroll?
Only doctors, hospitals and other health care providers who are involved in your medical care may access information about you, and who participate in the HealthKey HIE. The HIE keeps a record of the providers who have accessed your medical information. You may ask for the list of providers to whom your health information has been disclosed via the HIE.

What kind of health information will medical professionals have access to if I decide to enroll?
The HealthKey HIE stores and communicates diagnoses/problems, medications, allergies, procedures, patient history, diagnostic image reports, lab orders/results, referrals, and demographics.

How is my health information protected?
HealthKey HIE uses rigid data encryption and security which complies with state and federal health information protection laws. At sign-in, access points employ strong user identificatino technology and record a complete audit trail.

How much does it cost to enroll in HealthKey HIE?
There is no cost for participating in HealthKey HIE. All patients seen at Blackstone Valley Community Health Care automatically receive this benefit unless they choose to decline participation.

Why should I enroll now?
Your health information will be available to authorized health professionals if you have a medical emergency. HealthKey HIE facilitates referrals and lab orders and shares data with your provider when you receive care outside of your medical home, such as at the hospital or a specialist.

Can I leave HealthKey HIE whenever I want? How do I do that?
You can withdraw your consent at any time in writing to us stating that you wish to decline to participate in the HealthKey HIE. Please sign and complete a new copy of the “Participation in HealthKey Health Information Exchange” form and return it to the front desk or our medical records department.

Who should I contact with any HIE questions?
For all HealthKey e-Services related questions, please contact Christine Hansen, Chief Operating Officer at 401-729-0080 ×135 or at .